Neo Banks

Online banking on smartphone with businessman showing screen

Pic Creds : FMD Financial Everything You Need to Know About Neobanks It is no secret that throughout centuries, the banking industry evolved. It started when empires needed to find a way to conveniently pay for goods and services. From the idea of keeping assets in temples, banks evolved to what it is today. But… Continue reading Neo Banks

Paypal Case Study : How to Grow well During a Pandemic

Pic Credits: Business Insider PayPal‚Äôs Growth During the Pandemic A lot has changed over the past six months. Now that people are staying at home, more people are relying on digital transactions. Could it be that the future is now? Now that we are highly encouraged by health agencies to stay at home to prevent… Continue reading Paypal Case Study : How to Grow well During a Pandemic

Investing in Bitcoin During a Pandemic

The Evolution of Bitcoin Bitcoin was developed as an alternative to the existing fiat. After the 2008 economic crisis that exposed the vulnerability of currencies, Satoshi Nakamoto developed Bitcoin. And by 2017, Bitcoin almost reached $20,000 that created a crypto-mania worldwide. Fast forward 2020, the world is experiencing a pandemic and economies are entering a… Continue reading Investing in Bitcoin During a Pandemic