Huawei launches new Harmony operating system

For a long time the tech duopoly between Android and Apple operating systems has left consumers torn as to which to use. Now, there is a third rival set to contend in the market. Chinese tech giant Huawei has now released its own operating system HarmonyOS, which is able to work on a myriad of internet connected devices – something that puts it in stark contrast with the competition. Whereas Android and Apple devices have previously been limited to their original operating system – unless otherwise hacked – Huawei is now shaking the software industry up with its ability to transfer between a whole range of devices. 

Despite being in development since 2016, Huawei have only just released the HarmonyOS operating system on a smartphone device. HarmonyOS is currently used for the smartphones Mate 40 and the Mate X2 foldable model, as well as the smartwatch Watch Series 3 and MatePad Pro tablet. As technology continues its trajectory as one of the fastest growing industries, the ubiquity of technology as incorporated into our daily lives is equally spurred on. Huawei is not the first tech giant keen to pursue such integrated electronics like wearables and tablets as a key direction for the company to move towards in order to generate and expand future revenue streams. 

Much of the technological development from Huawei has come as a result of the US sanctions imposed last year in 2020 by the then president Donald J. Trump. The expulsion from the US market definitely hurt business for Huawei and saw them, along with others in China and outside the US, to look for ways to become less dependent on the politics of a US dominated market economy. The move sees Huawei put itself in direct competition with revered US tech software giants such as Apple and Google.